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Because I keep stumbling across them. So maybe I'll be the next one? Ha. :D

  • John Francis Daley (Sweets on Bones) was born in Wheeling, IL, where I spent the first 12 years of my life and went to high school
  • Jennifer Morrison (Cameron on House) went to Prospect High School, which is in the town next to mine and the same district as my high school. She also went to Loyola University, where I spent my first two years of college
  • Ian Brennan, the creator of Glee, also went to Prospect H.S. and Loyola, and based the series of off PHS' show choir. So the competition of Glee's show choir, is it based off of Wheeling's New Dawns? :D Probably not but an amusing thought nevertheless
  • Lee DeWyze (American Idol winner) is another famous alum of PHS. A friend of mine hung out with him and said he was an asshole
  • Leslie David Baker (Stanley on The Office) attended Loyola
  • Jenna Fischer (Pam on The Office) attended Truman State University, where I spent my final two years of college. My aunt taught at her former high school, Nerinx, and met her (and didn't even get me an autograph, grr!)
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04 February 2011 @ 02:33 am
Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing. Second two people; second pairing. Etc.

Andy Bellefleur
Sirius Black

Buster Bluth
Seeley Booth

Temperance Brennan
Juliet Burke

Lisa Cuddy
Edward Cullen

Bella Cullen
Albus Dumbledore

Erica Evans
Daniel Faraday

James Ford
Tom Friendly

Jessica Hamby
Gregory House

Claire Littleton
John Locke

Angela Martin
Fox Mulder

Eric Northman
Harry Potter

Michael Scott
Dana Scully


Whatcha think of my crack pairings? :D
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Having started to get into Bones (yes, I'm still trying to replace LOST) I've decided, from my "outsider" perspective, that if it is going to happen, it has to happen one year later, by the coffee cart at the reflecting pool. Now, I'm a bit confused on the timeline here-they spent seven months apart between seasons 5 and 6, correct? Have five months passed since season 6 started? Has the year already passed? (I don't think so, but correct me if I'm wrong) Has that planned one-year meeting been mentioned at all since then?

I hope there is some mention of it or something. Perhaps in the upcoming elevator episode, which I believe will end sweeps month? Should be a big deal.

On another note, I'm super excited about "Two Stories" on House. I know very little of what is coming in that episode, but even the allusion to "Three Stories" has me creaming myself, ngl. I believe this episode, if I counted right, is coming up soon too! Yay!

No clue what is going on with V for sweeps, and I don't really care a ton. I just want Erica and Hobbes to do it. :P

I miss LOST, man.

On a totally different note, I want to purge my brain of recent fanfiction readings. My blood is actually boiling a bit from the horrible-ness of it all. Stephen King said that you can't make a competent writer out of an incompetent one. And some of these take incompetence to whole new levels. I mean, I can read the flaming pile of crap (awesome crap) that is SMeyer and enjoy myself. I'm not particularly high-brow about my reading choices. But people who have not even the most basic grasp of spelling, spell-check, grammar, punctuation, plot, and characterization should not write ever. And I mean, seriously, all of these things missing.

And I get irrationally angry. It's silly. But maybe it is because I was already pissy because I stumbled again upon a fic by a quite well-known LOST author that is super popular and eerily follows the plot of my own mostly ignored fic written 3 months previous. And I really am not saying she took my ideas (though, ngl, it is kinda eerie how our stories overlapped). I'm no genius, and no great writer (though I am not incompetent, ty) but it still annoys me a bit. I guess I feel that every fandom, and LOST in particular, is clique-y (though maybe not so but it just feels that way because it was my major fandom). So maybe she has her posse, and maybe not, but she was and is certainly a more prolific LOST fic writer than I, so in some ways, it makes sense, but it still annoys me quite a bit when again I read how brilliant she was for my idea. *sigh* But the point is, in summary: I don't claim to a some great judge of writing nor a great writer myself, but I'm competent enough to know shit when I see it (like the one read earlier) and to sting from the injustice of uneven praise for two fics (one mine, one super popular) that I'd argue are of fairly similar quality.

I hope I don't sound like a total bitch. But whatever.

Anyways. Life. I'm feeling really down lately. More so than usual. It's an ebb-and-flow in my life. But living with my mother is difficult, and I can't find a job, though the truth is I'm not trying hard enough, which makes me feel even worse, and I miss school and my friends and Kirksville, and I feel directionless, listless, entirely stagnant. Bah.
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31 January 2011 @ 01:33 am

  • Coldplay - Shiver
  • Keith Urban - You Gonna Fly
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05 January 2011 @ 03:34 am
Yay, V is back! Of course, I'm a fatalist, and fair enough, with the way the networks treat scripted shows and this show in particular, so I'm going to stay worried about the show's future. But I got my mother hooked, so that is something, I guess. Then again, I did the same for Pushing Daisies with quite a few people, but too little, too late.

Anyhoo, I've hardcore missed the HBIC Elizabeth Mitchell on my tv, so I'm so glad she is baaaaaaack. What did I think about tonight's episode?

Well, it was...Collapse )
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14 November 2010 @ 03:56 am
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10 November 2010 @ 09:42 pm
I tried to address some of the problems brought up by my peer reviewers and friends who read my story. I'm going to quote some of the comments, and explain how/why I addressed them.

"And what's with Christina if she just got married or is getting married?"
I have added a scene in which Christina visits June in the hospital after her accident and discusses a fight between her and her (then) fiance. The fight concerns having children at the wedding. Christina refers to them as "crotch droppings" which is obviously quote derogatory. Christina doesn't like children and doesn't want them. I hope this helps clarify part of the reason why June might not tell her best friend that she was pregnant, and also demonstrates that Christina and her soon-to-be husband, James, have problems. James supports his mother, who wants kids at the wedding. James likes kids and will want to have them. Obviously, someone is going to have to compromise; as we learn, Christina ends up pregnant. She isn't happy. With her flighty and self-destructive personality, she takes this as a sign to do something self-destructive to her marriage-which just happens to be sleeping with her best friend.

"But sudden lesbianism?"
I firmly believe in Kinsey's idea of human sexuality (and notice the reference in the piece to the famous Psychologist) that simply, very few people are entirely straight or entirely gay. I have considered adding a scene from earlier in Christina and June's relationship where they kissed or something of the sort. I will decide if it is necessary after my second seminar session discussing my piece.

"Maybe add more about June and Mark's relationship..."
I added a scene detailing how June and Mark met. I think this scene actually functions more so to establish Christina's flighty nature. I want June to be the steady, stable friend-until now. I hope this shows through Christina running off on vacation with June to go spend the night with a guy she just met. The scene of Mark and June's meeting is mostly superfluous in that it was just fun and not necessarily vital to the story except as added character study. I'm not sure if I need to add more; I hope it is apparent that Mark is a joker and a fun-loving guy who changes into a harder man. The reader doesn't know why until the end.

"Was there a fragility somewhere that suggested Mark could leave her instead of supporting her during something like this?"
I have added in a scene between June and her therapist. June claims that Mark blames her for the loss of the baby. Whether or not he actually blames her is a moot point; she thinks he does. And she blames herself. June and Mark's relationship has always been a happy one, and fun-loving Mark isn't prepared to stick around after months of his wife being in a near-catatonic state.

"More about June caring about the baby..."
I'm working on that. Some ideas I have include discussing names, making up a nursery, etc. But I don't want them to get too ahead of themselves since it is early in the pregnancy. I'm thinking that perhaps June has experienced a series of miscarriages or tries and fails repeatedly to get pregnant, but I don't want this to turn into The Time Traveler's Wife or some melodramatic piece of poop.

"I don't get a clear sense of time. How much time has passed?."
June loses the baby in May. The story ends the following March. I added this into the story. Hopefully, the jump to earlier times doesn't confused; some reviewers told me I handled it well. We'll see.

"Marijuana for a back injury?"
In California, perhaps.

"Why italicized? The tenses are confusing."
Italics are gone and everything should now be in past tense.
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01 November 2010 @ 02:08 pm
When I expressed issues with characterization, Obi told me to describe my classmates Kiera, Pat, and my best friend. Well, I just don't feel comfortable describing people I know but don't know, like Kiera and Pat. So I chose just to describe my best friend, Sarah.

Sarah asked me when she read this story, "Oh my God, am I Christina?!" It's surprising to me that she'd ask, even jokingly, because she really isn't Christina. Christina is closest to my former friend Katie (because Katie would listen to/sing "Hey Jude" with me) and my longtime friend Amanda (because Amanda is the flighty type like Christina. I'm anything but stable, but sometimes I feel like the stable half of our friendship). But when I sit back and look at Christina and June's relationship, I guess I'm troubled. I don't know if it is clear enough why these two are friends. So I would probably do well to incorporate some of Sarah into Christina, because she is my best friend. Maybe that would make it more believable for me. And if it is more believable for me, I'd assume it would be more believable for my readers.

It's something I will have to consider.
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25 October 2010 @ 03:17 pm
...was to compare our story's progress to the checklists in our textbook in the chapter on the "short short story." Somehow I totally missed this assignment being assigned. Oops. So I am going to try to do this here briefly.
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08 October 2010 @ 12:55 am
Obi told us to divide our story into three or four movements (I can’t remember which) so I will try to do that here.

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